Heidi Baumgartner

Washington Conference communication director
Washington Conference

Heidi Baumgartner serves as communication director for Washington Conference. She helps 110 churches, 20 schools and 35-plus ministries tell stories about how people and ministries are living God's mission.

Bellingham Celebrates 125 Years of Serving Well

This year, Adventists are marking 125 years of ministry in Bellingham, Wash., with the completion of a new church facility on the sister ministry campus of Baker View Christian School.


Deaf Adventists Encouraged to Share Gospel

The lights flicker for attention. Conversation continues. Leaders motion for attention repeatedly. Forty people in the room finally settle down. Church begins with a familiar ebb and flow.


Samoan Generations Learn Together

“Jesus on the main line … . You can call Him up and tell Him want you want.”


Children, Adults #SayYesToJesus at Leadership Training

Eleven-year-old Angie came with her mother to the first ever Washington Conference Children’s Ministry Leadership Retreat. Her task was to be one of the retreat helpers.


Brito Ordained to Gospel Ministry

Francisco Brito was a young boy in the Dominican Republic when he first met Jesus.


Nurturing the Camp Meeting Experience

The guest services phone line rang consistently before and during Washington Adventist Camp Meeting with requests for lodging and general camp meeting information.


Ethiopian Adventists Persist in God’s Calling

As you drive across East Union Street toward Lake Washington adjacent to Seattle, Wash., you will find a Lutheran church open on a Saturday morning and a faithful group of Seventh-day Adventists ga


Innovation Labs Encourage Listening

Lyapa Simuzoshya sat by herself at a table and watched as young adults filtered into the room, found friends, chose tables and prepared for the start of Innovation Lab.


Woody Commissioned to Gospel Ministry

Washington Conference commissioned Auburn Adventist Academy chaplain Jennifer Woody on Dec. 16, 2017.


AMEN Tacoma Meets Community Medical Needs

Melody was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in July. She had had cancer previously, it had gone into remission, and then it came back.