Samoan Generations Learn Together

November 04, 2018 / Heidi Baumgartner

“Jesus on the main line … . You can call Him up and tell Him want you want.”

It’s praise singing time at the Pacific Northwest Samoan Camp Meeting. Adults, teenagers and children alike joined in enthusiastically singing and adding hand motions to the lyrics. It was a special bonding moment the first weekend of September as a multigenerational program began about blending culture and faith.

“The church needs youth to bring energy and elders to bring wisdom,” says Fred Toailoa, Samoan district pastor in Washington Conference. “The church needs both.”

Life in the 'Fidgetal Age'

November 03, 2018 / Seth Pierce

In 1934 George Herbert Mead (and later with the help of Harold Blumer) created a communication theory known as symbolic interactionism. The essential idea is that people assign meaning to objects in the world and that influences how they interact. However, these meanings aren’t static. As we connect with other people we can modify meanings, which in turn change the way we act. And as our actions and responses change, they help shape the way we live.

God’s Provision at Sheridan Meadows

November 02, 2018

At Sheridan Meadows, the Adventist retreat center near Republic, Wash., work was beginning to prepare for Northeast Washington Camp Meeting. A local contractor was hauling gravel and making our road so much nicer. While all the trucks were coming and going there was not much else to do, so the water was turned on for the first time of the season. There is most always something the winter freeze has ruined — water lines frozen and split, needing repair.

Students Enjoy Outdoor Adventures With ASWWU

November 02, 2018

Backpacking, climbing and biking excursions headline the 2018–19 schedule for the ASWWU Outdoors division of the Associated Students of Walla Walla University (ASWWU). For students who can’t seem to get enough of the great outdoors, the opportunities to get outside and explore will be plentiful this school year.

Southeast Alaska Camp Meeting Attendees Are 'Called to Missions'

November 01, 2018 / Brooke Reynolds

Planning for the Alaska Southeast Camp Meeting on Vank Island started early this year. A planning committee gathered that included several young adults. From their suggestions was born the theme for this year’s campmeeting, "Called to Missions," as well as a new format to try.

Attending camp meeting is a commitment because attendees must travel by boat to the island from Wrangell, Petersburg or one of the Prince of Wales communities, such as Coffman Cove or Whale Pass.

Milo Creates Project Blessed Hope

November 01, 2018

Tragedy struck the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Nov. 5, 2017. Twenty-six people were killed and 20 injured in a church shooting. The news spread like wildfire and soon reached a little Adventist boarding academy in Days Creek, Ore. 

The news happened to come during Milo Adventist Academy’s week of prayer. Everyone, including the entire sophomore class, was on their knees, praying for those hurt and for those who lost a loved one. During a class meeting later that week, the sophomores decided they wanted to do something, anything, to help the church. 

MEA Comes Alive Through Visitors’ Eyes

Recently my wife and I decided to visit some of the historic and scenic sites in the states of Montana and Wyoming. As we traveled Interstate 90 and neared Bozeman, Mont., we saw to the right the Montana Conference office in which our daughter, Renae Young, gave us a tour. Just a short distance down the road from the conference office we passed the Mount Ellis Elementary School and then saw for the first time Mount Ellis Academy — Montana’s Adventist boarding high school.

A Reformation Yet to Come

October 31, 2018 / Steve Vistaunet

It seems somehow appropriate on this Reformation Day 2018 to reflect on the current stance of our Seventh-day Adventist Church toward the Protestant ethics of individual conscience in matters of belief and practice.