Dick Duerksen

Oregon Conference storycatcher and storyteller

A Tunnel in the Moon

Someone told me NASA has an entire city of American astronauts who have been living deep in a tunnel in the moon since 1973.


God's Clean Plate Club

It is easy to hate. Almost enjoyable to look down my nose and remember your sins with disdain.


No Goats in Heaven

I’m not sure what God has against goats, but it looks like they’ll be missing in the New Earth. Sheep make it, but no goats.


Hundreds Receive Care at Impact Your Health Event in Portland

Take one gymnasium; add carpet to cover the hardwood floor; bring in folding tables, 55 dental chairs (for hygiene, anesthesia and surgery); add a very long and complicated table for supplies and s


When I Was 35

When I was 35 years old I was an ordained Seventh-day Adventist pastor and an academy principal.


Gladstone Camp Meeting Celebrates Kids, Reformation

Camp meeting is marked by planning, anticipation, exertion, exhaustion and spiritual uplift.

Planning for the next year begins right after camp meeting is over.


No Frijoles?

“Really?” I responded in starving amazement.

“Yes. It is true. We are out of beans, but if you wait about 45 minutes, we’ll have some.”


Beneath the Hoodie

Let’s call him Isaac because that’s not his name. He lives in a sweatshirt, a hoodie that hides his eyes so he can feel invisible. But, he’s not invisible; he’s just hiding.



“If I go to heaven immediately when I die, why stay alive?”


Salvation for Dummies

The “For Dummies” books have made a ton of money for writers and publishers. There are scores of titles, each one describing complex tasks in simple language.