Safe Place to Grow

July 03, 2019 | Education | Molly Ahola

Adventist education has greatly affected my life in many ways including support for my own search for a personal belief in God. Many students grow up believing their parents' faith by default. Resources are not always readily available for them to prove for themselves they have a loving God who cares for them and wants to give them eternal life through Him. I believe if we do not solidify our faith as young people, it will become harder to resist the social pressures of society as we get older.

I believe Adventist education provides the perfect environment for students to do this by having numerous staff members who are always available for any student who has questions about their faith. I have had multiple conversations with different mentors who are always willing to discuss anything I question. They give me valuable insights and tips that have consistently strengthened my faith.

My life has also benefited from the social aspect of the Christian environment provided by Adventist education. I was educated in a public school for all of my elementary schooling and witnessed firsthand the way bullying, judgment and unnecessary prejudice is present within that arena. Those elements may not be completely gone in an Adventist environment, but they are substantially lessened. Being able to practice your beliefs around people who do not harass you for them is incredibly valuable. It also is very difficult to keep the Sabbath in a public school environment where not everyone else does. Having friends who respect this belief and practice it themselves makes it easier to stay true to yourself.

Finally, Adventist education has given me the gift of music. I believe no music is as powerful as music that is written to glorify God. Music provides a way of worship that is more moving than any sermon to me. The harmonies, chords and melodies are prayers sent up to God without words. Worship can seem difficult and empty to some, but I have never thought that when I am singing in a choir or playing in a band or orchestra to worship God. Public schools may have sophisticated music programs, but they have nothing to sing or play about. They can play classical music, which in itself is wonderful, but it becomes very difficult with choral music. In an Adventist choral group, you never run out of things to sing about.

So, I believe Adventist education can provide the tools and mentors you need to find the God you believe in. It teaches ways to worship Him that you may not experience on your own. I know it has for me.