Adventist Education Means Overcoming Challenges

July 03, 2019 | Education | Jared Wilson

Over the course of my life, my parents have chosen to take a God centered approach to my education. Even while I was home-schooled, my parents brought me closer to God in their choice of curriculum and even just reading the Bible in the morning. It's only recently that I have become a part of the Adventist education system as a student in a private school. However, despite the short time frame, I have grown exponentially in Christ thanks to my teachers. I find Adventist education very important because it brings a Christ centered approach to life as a student.

As stated previously, I have only been in the Adventist Christian school system for a little under four years. Most of my education up to this point has been in home school. During this time, I participated in things such as Pathfinders and Boy Scouts. Both of these groups helped me grow as a Christian, even before I participated in formal education. My first years of high school were a bit challenging. I faced challenging new subjects, but, thanks to my teachers and family, I was able to learn and overcome. My teachers brought God into the classroom through daily devotionals and other activities, bringing all of us students closer to God. It was thanks to this that I was able to overcome many challenges I faced later down the line.

All across my high school career, I faced personal battles of morals and choices. It was thanks to my school family that I was able to overcome these hurdles. It is the Christian atmosphere I found myself in while attending Adventist schools to which I owe the success I have found in my life. While I faced many hurdles, some bigger than others, my friends, family and God have been there by my side through thick and thin. Big and small challenges have been overturned by the strength I find in fellowship.

In the end, Adventist education has made a positive impact in my life. The friends I have surrounded myself with while here have been good and kind. The school atmosphere has encouraged me in my endeavors, even outside of the normal curriculum. I have learned a great deal and grown closer to God while doing so. I hope to continue both my education and my walk with God as I head out into the world. Wherever I go, I want to be a witness to God, no matter the circumstance.