Rodriguez Ordained to Gospel Ministry

May 16, 2019 | Church | Heidi Baumgartner

Victor Rodriguez held just about every church office from deacon to Sabbath school teacher to youth director and Pathfinder instructor, director and area coordinator, and more. But it wasn’t enough to satisfy the calling God had placed in his life.

His spiritual gifts and talents led him to become a dynamic preacher, Christian songwriter and literature author. He was the first Adventist recording artist of his province in the Dominican Republic, which allow him to present the gospel in variety of ways in many places in the United States and overseas. His passion for evangelism and youth ministry moved him to establish clubs, support church planting and be a literature evangelist in his native country.

This satisfied his ministry calling, he thought.

But God had something more in mind. God was calling Rodriguez to pastoral ministry.

After a long battle with the Spirit of God, Rodriguez answered God’s calling and applied to Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Mich. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in religion in 2007 and his Master of Divinity in 2010. He is currently working on his Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis in church growth and evangelism.

Rodrguez's long road of spiritual growth found its direction with pastoral ministry assignments in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Washington. He and his wife, Ynocencia — as well as their sons Jatniel, Angel and Zabdiel — find joy and purpose in befriending people for God’s kingdom and nurturing soul winning, stewardship, youth ministry, children’s ministry, and new leaders.

Washington Conference recognized God’s calling in Rodriguez’s life by ordaining him to gospel ministry on May 4.

“We are called to be like Jesus,” Lael Caesar, Adventist Review associate editor and Rodriguez’s former professor, said in his seven-word summary of his sermon. “Be willing to answer God’s call to serve and leave the results to Him. Be confident in the call and keep saying yes to Jesus.”

Rodriguez thanks God for His constant love, mercy, protection and guidance, even in uncertain times. Rodriguez is grateful for his family and the unconditional support they give to him in ministry. He also appreciates fellow pastors, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, who have collaborated with him in doing what he likes the most: growing God’s kingdom, developing new leaders and bringing people to Christ.

“God called imperfect people to do perfect ministry,” Rodriguez observes. “We thank God because He is the One doing the calling, not us.”