Friends Gather to Write on Walls

December 17, 2014 | Greg Middlestetter

Recently, Tawny Sportsman, an Oregon Prayer Conference team member, put out an invitation to meet her at her new home, which was under construction. On a sunny, warm Sabbath afternoon friends of all ages gathered at the construction site to write their favorite Bible verses on the bare studs.

A rich diversity of Scripture promises were penned on nearly every board of the house. Something far stronger than 2-by-4s will be holding up that roof. And that roof … it will be more than plywood and shingles. God’s protecting hand will be a covering shield, for the promises of God are a permanent part of that structure.

Neighbors watched people come and go that Sabbath afternoon. Word passed through the neighborhood of Scriptures written on walls and of a blessing prayed over that home and its future guests. During the afternoon, several neighbors came and contributed their own verses. 

The Scriptures written on the walls of Sportsman’s home are now covered with wallboard and paint. No one can see them now, but those who visit visit that home in the future will surely hear the story of how the Word of God, prayer and praise were built into the very structure of Sportsman’s home.

Next spring’s Oregon Prayer Conference (OPC) will be an opportunity to learn how to be bold in prayer. It will be an opportunity to hear how others are using prayer (as in Sportsman’s special house-blessing service) to come boldly before the throne of grace on a daily basis. The prayer conference isn’t just a chance to get away and relax. It will be a time of fellowship, instruction and, most of all, a time to be challenged to pray more. Whether you already have a robust prayer life or you need to develop a regular prayer routine, you will be blessed and challenged. 

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