Greg Middlestetter

Eugene Church pastor

Friends Gather to Write on Walls

Recently, Tawny Sportsman, an Oregon Prayer Conference team member, put out an invitation to meet her at her new home, which was under construction.


Eugene Church Experiences a 'Memorable' Sermon

Recently, Keith Zaugg took the worship service at the Eugene (Ore.) Church to recite (in character) the entire book of James.


Eugene Church Experiences a “Memorable” Sermon

Remember back a few years ago, when there were competitions in Sabbath School to see who could recite all 13 memory verses for the quarter?



Have you ever had something happen to you that was very inspirational but you're not sure how to share it with others — or even if you should?


Eugene Area Churches Hold Lecture Series

"I’m in love!” A lady stood before me almost jumping up and down. She was excited. She was in love—with Jesus!