The Heavenly Tradition of Camp Meeting

If you take an audience survey at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting, you will discover a large percentage of people who come “by tradition” year after year.

“This is my vacation,” says a 90-year-old lady from Port Orchard. “Camp meeting is the nearest thing to heaven.”

The heavenly package of camp meeting features 10 days of families camping together, attending inspirational meetings, participating in community-building activities and forming common bonds through friendship.

Carl Cosaert, Walla Walla University professor, opened this year's camp meeting experience by sharing lessons from Paul's encounter with the risen Christ. Jerry and Janet Page, from the world church ministerial association, continued the inspirational messages with themes about revival and reformation. Ron C. Smith, Southern Union president, concluded with thoughts about church unity. The discipleship-focused workshops throughout the week supported the overall theme of “Living God’s Mission.”

“There is nothing more rewarding than being in the presence of God,” says John Freedman, Washington Conference president. “God wants to cleanse our hearts and call us to a greater commitment to Him.”

The adults attending camp meeting were not the only ones to hear spiritual revival messages. High school-aged youth learned about looking for divine appointments and praying in God’s name. Earliteen youth, ages 13 and 14, discussed how to be disciples of Jesus while juniors, ages 10–12, discovered more about following Jesus and younger children learned about the Creator, nature and missions.

Each evening in Rainier Auditorium, individuals shared stories about how God is transforming their lives and helping them live God’s mission through evangelism, education, discipleship and service.

“When God’s people gather together, we have an opportunity for revival,” Freedman says. “We saw Jesus at work in people’s lives through their camp meeting experience, and we anticipate what God will do in the next year.”

August 28, 2014 / Washington Conference