Becky Meharry Joins Washington Education Team

The education leadership team for Washington Conference is welcoming Becky Meharry as associate superintendent. Meharry has 23 years of teaching and leadership experience in elementary schools with 19 of those years in the North Pacific Union.

“Becky shares a joy in working with beginning teachers and helping them get a great start in their careers,” says Archie Harris, Washington Conference vice president of education. “She enjoys sharing the many things she has learned over her years of experience working with students.”

Meharry has teaching experience in prekindergarten and multigrade classrooms including kindergarten to second grade, first through fourth grade, first through eighth grade, and fifth and sixth grade. She spent nine years as teacher/administrator of a large elementary school in Montana.

Meharry earned her elementary education degree from Southwestern Adventist University in Texas. She is interested in building positive student, parent, teacher and community relationships.

“My commitment is providing a quality, Christ-centered education to children in our Seventh-day Adventist school system,” Meharry says. “I believe a quality learning environment includes innovative curriculum, positive classroom management and differentiated instruction.”

Becky and Doug Meharry have three adult children: Doug, Daniel and Katy. Meharry begins her new education leadership position on July 1.

“I love praying for school families and watching them grow,” says Meharry. “It is humbling that God would allow me to be a part of this process of Adventist Christian education.”

May 01, 2014 / Washington Conference