He's Alive Broadcasting Reaches Listeners Through Sale

He's Alive Broadcasting served the greater Spokane, Wash., neighborhood by holding its first-ever yard sale.

When volunteer Doug Cameron offered to plan a huge yard sale for the TV station, the board decided to try it even though they had never done this before.

Truckloads of items were brought to the local Staples parking lot Memorial Day weekend for the two-day sale. More than 25 tables, racks and grocery carts were full of decorations, clothing, garden supplies and everything in between.

More than just sales happened. Most people checking out took the free copy of The Great Controversy offered. They were also offered a postcard sharing He's Alive and how to watch it. Several people asked volunteers how to pick up the station, and one volunteer received several Bible-study leads.

You never know the impact of introducing hundreds of people to a Christian broadcasting station with four channels of spirit-filled programming. Some of the shoppers lifted items and even ran away with them, but volunteers pray they will think about the ministry of He's Alive Broadcasting and watch the channels.

The proceeds of the yard sale, which exceeded $5,700, will nearly cover the station's broadcasting costs for an entire month. Many unsold items will bless the Teen Challenge recovery ministry.

Station manager Joe Stanfill and board member Jeff Moore served as security guards for the massive sale on Saturday and Sunday nights. Despite being out in the cold, both said "Yes!" when asked if they thought another sale should be held next year.

He's Alive Broadcasting offers Spokane and the surrounding community four channels of programming on UHF channel 39, including Hope TV, 3ABN, Russian Open Book channel, and a blend of Hope Esperanza and Loma Linda Broadcasting. He's Alive is in its 20th year of broadcasting and shining the light of Jesus' love.

August 01, 2012 / Upper Columbia Conference