November 01, 2010 | Greg Middlestetter

Have you ever had something happen to you that was very inspirational but you're not sure how to share it with others — or even if you should? Maybe an inner voice is telling you, "Don't share that, they'll just think it's silly!" Hesitation sets in and doubt begins to spread. It's the kind of doubt that makes you begin to question the validity of what, at the time, seemed to be a divinely inspired moment. I had such a moment recently.

A little more than a month ago, I was at my church office working when a song began to play on my computer. I had not opened up any media program and was not doing anything that had music attached to it. I began to close down my various windows in an attempt to stop the music. Nothing worked. The music kept playing. I began to pay closer attention to the words. It was a great song. Something about being ready because Christ was coming. The song ended. I grabbed a pen and paper and scratched down only phrase that I could remember: "Jesus is coming, heed the final call."

As I pondered what had just happened, I began to have a strange feeling. I began to sense that something special had just happened — like maybe God was audibly speaking to me. I wondered, "Did God just speak to me, or was this just a coincidence? Was this a computer glitch? Maybe I had hit a button or a function key that had started this music."

I searched the music library on my computer. No song with any such words resided in my library. I searched song libraries on the internet and found no songs with these lyrics. I considered, once again, the possibility that this song was no accident and that it was some sort of message for me from the Lord. Doubt rattled around my brain, "why would the Lord send me a message?" and, "If it is from the Lord, what am I supposed to do with these seven words?"

I began to pray, "Lord, if this is from You, please send it to me again so I may listen to the words and hear what You are saying to me in that song and so that I will know it is from You." I sat and waited — nothing happened. I prayed for the rest of the week — nothing happened.

Now, as I am writing this article, it is two months since that song spoke to me through my computer. Yesterday, at the same time of day as the first experience, my computer began to plan the same song I had previously heard. I grabbed pencil and paper and began writing. I don't take the time to determine where the song was coming from this time, I just wanted the lyrics. I tried to write fast. I started to get frustrated. What was that word? Did I miss something? It seemed I was trying so hard to get everything that I was getting nothing! I relaxed and just began to write down the phrases that flowed from the mellow male voice on my computer. Here is what I got:

Children won't you heed the final call?

Put away all sin and heed the final call.

The harvest is ripe, the Savior bids us all

Christ is coming back,

Get ready and give the final call.

I have searched the internet once again. I have not been able to locate a song that contains these lyrics. Does this song exist somewhere? Am I the only one to have heard this song? I don't know and I guess it really doesn't matter. Thank you Lord for sending it again. The message speaks to me. I will share the words with all who will listen. Does the message resonate with your heart? I hope so. Let's each one put away sin and give the final call.