Jordana GLOWS with True Happiness

When Jordana Ashburn read about "true happiness" she decided to try it out. Four years ago, Ashburn turned her life over to Christ and shortly after, she read these simple words in the book, Ministry of Healing, by Ellen White. "Remember that true joy can be found only in unselfish service."

"I tried this quote out," says Ashburn. "I told God I'd give Him a summer to find out if this was true." So she went door to door, colporteuring with Christian literature, and had amazing experiences.

"The positives far outweigh the fears of going," she says. "Seeing people who need prayer and hearing them say, ‘Thank you so much for coming to my door' makes it so worth it!" Ashburn is passionate about spreading the good news with people door to door and handing out Christian literature.

Before coming to the Upper Columbia Conference, Ashburn worked at Mountain View Academy in California as their assistant chaplain. "I interviewed for the UCC job," says Ashburn, "but worried it would be a stretch. I knew the principal of the school would be unhappy if I left." After the interview Ashburn says she was, "blown away by the potential in UCC to be a part of the new ‘Share the Life' initiative and a movement of placing Bible workers in 66 districts." So she made it a matter of prayer.

God answered through events that brought a qualified young lady to take her place and allowed the principal to change his mind. Ashburn is now coordinating GLOW, a literature program; helping to train Bible workers; and during the summer she will oversee Upper Columbia Youth Rush, a Magabook program where students can test their faith and earn funds for tuition. (Learn more about this program at

Ashburn recommends going door to door to others. She says, "There are people waiting for you to come to their door. You will see your relationship with God grow a ton. I absolutely encourage people to try it out."

Churches interested in GLOW can call Ashburn. She will take individuals out door to door to get them started. "The Holy Spirit is working behind this," says Ashburn. "For me it is not a business. It is God-inspired happiness."

February 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference