How to Build a Church with Rhubarb

October 01, 2009 | Bobbie Grimstad

One thing Alaskans know how to grow is rhubarb, and Becky and George Alder are no exception. This April, as they stood looking over their crowded garden plot, they agreed something had to be done. They decided to get tough with the massive plants, several of them were over 8 feet in diameter. They would trim the plants down to size and toss the rest. And then they had a bright idea. They would sell small clumps and put the money toward building a Maranatha One-day Church. The raspberries needed thinning, too. Becky put an ad on Craigslist, and they waited for the phone to ring. They expected to make around $75.

Becky and George know a lot about the Maranatha One-day Church program. They have been eager participants in at least 14 different Maranatha projects and have the pictures and the stories to prove it. Their faces brighten and their enthusiasm is contagious as they tell about the way God is working through Maranatha projects. “Maranatha … is the best fun I’ve had,” says George. Imagine their amazement and delight when, after two weeks of rhubarb sales, the total earned topped $700, enough to fund an entire One-day Church. And that is how you build a church with rhubarb.