Amazing Adventures Attracts Salmon Children

Twelve-year-old Miranda didn't know what to expect. When Lorraine and Eddie Hamilton showed up to invite her to Amazing Adventures she wasn't sure. But she came the first night.

The first night's topic, The Treasure Map, left Miranda listening so closely she was able to answer a question Anthony Thomsen, pastor, posed at the end. The next evening she arrived with her completed Bible study guide and a friend.

During the course of the series, twenty-seven children registered. Betty Axtell, church member, had so many grandchildren she had to borrow a Suburban. Each night before the program began, John and Cathy Cranney met to pray for God's Spirit to bring children and hearts to Him.

The 10-part series, presented twice weekly (originally aired as a live satellite broadcast in September 2008, from Richardson, Texas) featured Doug Batchelor, pastor/speaker, via DVD. Brightly illustrated Bible study guides and compelling titles like "Whistling through the Graveyard," "A Day with the King," and "Slaying the Dragon" kept the audience learning. Batchelor called on children in his live audience to reach into his treasure box for some surprising illustrations each night during the Bible study.

Following Saturday night presentations, attending children were served refreshments with games in the gym. Since the Bible studies were geared for ages 8–12, Jakki Huston prepared Bible activities for younger children in a separate classroom.

As the final day of the series approached, the children and their families were invited to the church for the ninth meeting. Before the Bible study at 11 a.m., Thomsen invited all who had committed their lives to Jesus or expressed a desire for baptism to come forward for a faith affirmation service. As they knelt, the pastor and elders prayed for and laid hands on everyone.

After the last evening's presentation, Thomsen presented 14 beautiful hardback New King James version Bibles to the children who came to at least seven of the ten nights.

Miranda is presently taking Bible studies with three juniors in preparation for baptism. Though the meetings were intended for children, six adults made a decision for baptism. Since Amazing Adventures, Miranda has enrolled in the Adventist school and plans to continue her "journey for life with Jesus."

July 01, 2009 / Idaho Conference