Executive Committee Report First Quarter 2008

Every quarter the North Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee, composed of nearly 50 individuals, meets to review policies and reports and make decisions necessary to keep the mission of the Northwest church on target between constituency sessions. The GLEANER plans to provide an accountability report each time. The following items are from the most recent meeting held Feb. 27 at the NPUC headquarters in Ridgefield, Wash.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Reviewed and approved the summary 2007 financial report, noting several positive indicators, including an increase in working capital funds. The goal is to gradually increase the operating working capital to the 100 percent level.

2008 BUDGET: Reviewed and approved a balanced union-wide budget for 2008 of approximately $16 million—with nearly half of that earmarked as education funding for local conferences, academies, Walla Walla University and other Northwest schools.

ASSOCIATION: Reviewed and approved the association items including revolving fund loans for churches and schools, which totaled nearly $35 million in 2007, and actions of the trust department, which aids members with estate planning and management.

NORMAN KLAM: In light of continuing medical issues arising from Klam's stroke sustained approximately a year ago, the executive committee voted to relieve him from his responsibilities as treasurer and place him on a limited period of administrative leave as he applies for medical disability benefits. If the process continues as expected, the NPUC will retain Klam on payroll with a work incentive appropriation to ease the transition until retirement and continue his retirement contributions, medical coverage and basic life insurance as outlined by NAD policy. The NPUC has begun a search process to fill the treasurer position. The committee voted a formal expression of appreciation for Klam's years of service in this role in the Northwest. His work for the NPUC and the church at large will be highlighted in a future GLEANER.

ORDINATIONS: Approved the following names for ordination to ministry: Thomas Lemon and Brian Yeager (Idaho Conference), and Ron Hart, Allan Nielson and Samuel Tahay (Oregon Conference).

April 01, 2008 / North Pacific Union

Reported by Steve Vistaunet, assistant to the president for communication