Not Too Late to Join

We need many more members from our churches to join the Adventist Health Study–2 (AHS–2) conducted by Loma Linda University.

Another 15,000 Seventh-day Adventists, aged 30 years and older, are needed to join the 90,000 who have already completed and returned the AHS–2 questionnaire. More are needed to make this a landmark study of the future.

You have recently seen the power of the older AHS–1 study to both promote good health and enhance the reputation of Adventists in the media, including National Geographic, CNN and ABC.

The potential of AHS–2 is so much greater.

If you’ve lost your original questionnaire, please request another. Spread the word that Loma Linda is still recruiting Adventists 30 years and older to join the study.

To sign up, call toll free (877) 700-7077, go online at or send an e-mail to

Be active today in the making of tomorrow’s news.

May 01, 2006 / North Pacific Union