Desmond Doss Dies

May 01, 2006 | Ken Wetmore

Desmond T. Doss, Sr., 87, passed away March 23, 2006, at his residence in Piedmont, Ala. He was the only conscientious objector to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor during World War II.

Raised a Seventh-day Adventist, Doss did not believe in using a gun or killing because of the sixth commandment. Doss was a patriot, however, and believed in serving his country. During World War II, instead of accepting a deferment, Doss voluntarily joined the Army as a conscientious objector, though he preferred the term "conscientious cooperator."

“Desmond Doss is considered to be a role model," said Don Schneider, North American Division president. "His decision to not bear arms in the most dangerous of times was a courageous and heroic decision that has, in turn, affected many lives."