TIPS FOR AUTHORS How to Submit Photos to the GLEANER

Printouts of digital photos are not acceptable for publication. To make sure high photo resolution is maintained through the entire digital publication process, please submit an original 300 d.p.i. digital file at least 4 in. x 6 in. Virgin JPEG files are acceptable. Don’t forget to include the descriptive captions, in full sentences, for all photos.

There are now four ways to submit photos for publication:

1. If you are submitting your story online at, print out the step-by-step directions and follow them to “link” your photo to your story.

2. “Attach” digital photos to an e-mail along with the story you have attached, and send it to DO NOT embed photos in the e-mail message or in a word processing document, because the resolution becomes too low and the photo too small for use in printing.

3. You may submit the photos along with the story on a clearly identified CD to the GLEANER address following, along with a hard copy of the story.

4. IF the photo is from a film negative and not digital (not computer printouts or previously published photos) mail the color photo prints, along with a hard copy of the story and captions, to GLEANER News, PO Box 871150, Vancouver, WA 98687-1150. Stick a return address label on the back of each photo, if you want the prints returned to you.

June 01, 2005 / Tips for Authors