Tips for Authors Write it Right!

Tips for Authors

Write It Right!

Tying the knot?

Or wishing you knew how to submit what you ought?

Well here's the style...

For that trip down the aisle.

There are three ways to submit wedding announcements:

1. Mail to: GLEANER Family, 5709 N. 20th Street, Ridgefield, WA 98642. Please use our forms by clicking on the PDF wedding forms provided on the Web site Go to "Contributors' Information," then scroll down to find the form you need, print and fill out accordingly.

2. E-mail to: (Do this only if you include all the information our forms request).

3. Go online to: print out the "Step-by-Step Instructions" PDF document on the Web site, and follow the directions.

When writing, please remember wedding announcements must include: the bride's first and last name (maiden); the groom's first and last name; the wedding date and location; the couple's new home (city and state); and the full names of the bride's and groom's parents and their city/state of residence. In cases of divorce, list the mother's (and spouse's) names before the father's (and spouse's) names so the family name is last that matches the bride's and groom's family names. Please also include a submission date, contact name, daytime phone number, and/or e-mail address.

*In the interest of providing accurate and complete information for future genealogists, it's especially important to provide the mothers' maiden names on both sides.

Welcoming your submissions,

Cindy Chamberlin, GLEANER Managing Editor

March 01, 2008 / Tips for Authors