Hope for Cable TV

December 01, 2004 | Derrell Mundall

Hope Channel North America

Hope Channel International (major European languages)

Esperanza North America (Spanish)

Esperanza South America (Spanish)

Esperanza Portuguese

Hope Channel Africa (French, Portuguese)

Hope Channel Asia (major Asian languages)

Hope Channel Muslim (Arabic, Javanese)

Hope Channel India (major Indian languages)

More than 40 TV production facilities around the world are currently producing culturally relevant programs in many languages.

In October 2003, the General Conference of launched Hope Channel. One of a group of five full-time television networks now covering the globe via five satellites, Hope Channel offers a culturally relevant lineup of cutting edge programs designed to reach outside the Adventist circles in an unprecedented sweep of global evangelism.

There are already many Christian TV stations, including several Adventist television networks. What makes Hope Channel different? We believe that each Adventist network has its place serving a different group of people, and where most Christian TV involves a couple of people on a set talking to each other, Hope Channel’s programs will take you out on the street and into real life, with documentaries, reality shows, cooking, health, and inspiration. Every program is carefully designed to grab the average channel surfer with its relevance to mainstream American culture, and reach out to them with the Gospel as taught by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Also, Hope Channel will be the only television network to carry events such as the 2005 General Conference Session, Pathfinder programs, and more.

In the United States there are 108 million television households, and 74 million of those are subscribed to cable. This represents over 170 million potential cable viewers. So how can you get Hope Channel into your area? Simply contact your local cable provider, and ask them to carry Hope Channel. The most effective means of doing this is to pick up some postcards at the Post Office. They cost 25 cents each, including postage. Write something simple like, “Please add Hope Channel to your programming lineup. Thank you.” Sign, and address it, being sure to include your return address, and put it in the mail. We suggest sending one every two weeks until they add Hope Channel. You can also ask your family, friends, and fellow church members to join you in writing. With an investment of a few dollars, and some trips to the mailbox, you can help the Adventist Church reach millions of people around the clock. Please join us in this tremendous outreach effort, today.

The Hope Channel and Esperanza TV have partnered with their distributorAdventistSat.com in the first promotion of the Homes of Hope campaign. Participating churches and groups ordering 11 of the 36" HOPE satellite systems will receive the 12th system FREE! The free system can be donated to your church, favorite mission outreach or just share the savings. All Hope Digital Satellite Systems are preprogrammed to receive 8 inspiring channels of Adventist programming; Hope Channel, Esperanza TV, LLBN, three 3ABN channels, Radio 74 and LifeTalk Radio. For more information on how to participate in the Homes of Hope campaign, log onto http://www.hopetv.org/ or call toll free (888) 393-HOPE (4673)