Northwest Pathfinder Families Write Camporee Theme Song

Kent and Myla Brueske, Blue Mountain (Athena, Ore.) Eagles Pathfinder directors, were sitting in their living room last fall with Mark and Conna Bond, their parents Dewane and Emily, and all their children when Myla mentioned that there was a contest to write the Faith On Fire Camporee theme song.

“Conna and Mark have written numerous songs, and my daughters have written songs. I said, ‘We can write a song.’ Everyone thought it was a good idea,” Myla remembers.

“The name of the camporee is Faith on Fire, and we knew that would be the theme of the song. We started there … what would be like fire, flame, blaze, ember, all these fire words. Everyone kept coming up with fire words, even Grandpa and Grandma. ‘What rhymes with blaze, what rhymes with ember, with fire?’ Someone would have a little line, and someone else would add to it. We started jotting these words down and putting them together.

“Our daughter, Emma Lisa, had an idea for a tune, and Mark had an idea for a tune, and they started putting their ideas together." This family affair was chosen to be the camporee's theme song, which the Brueske and Bond families will introduce to the 30,000 people attending the Faith On Fire Camporee in Oshkosh, Wis., Aug. 10–14.

To hear the song performed by Emily Beth, Chelsea and Conna Bond, visit and click on the "Nighttime Program Preview" button.

August 01, 2004 / North Pacific Union