Panorama of Prophecy CD-ROM Sales Top 330,000

June 01, 2004 | Scott Steward

More than 330,000 “digital discs of divine direction” are now in circulation around the world.

“We praise God for His direction in this inspired project. Individuals and churches continue to stock up and distribute them by the hundreds, generating relationships with truth-seekers around the globe,” says Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts ministries. “We’ve issued certificates of completion to people from every continent, representing dozens of countries—including Afghanistan.”

The Panorama of Prophecy Bible study CD-ROM, which debuted in August 2001, is loaded with more than $300 worth of resources and still sells for just $1.99 each, or $1 each in quantities of 10 or more.

“These power-packed pieces of plastic are an interactive, Bible-based seminar, a detailed study in prophecy and a library all in one little disc. Each CD includes 24 studies on everything from the reliability of the Bible to the Sabbath to the mark of the beast,” says Batchelor. “Each lesson builds upon the next, laying the foundation for a deep, rich relationship with Jesus and a more complete understanding of prophecy.”

The CD contains 24 question-and-answer lessons requiring users to look up the answer in the Bible. The scripture references are given on the screen, and a searchable Bible is available on-screen as well. As students complete lessons, more and more of the library opens to them. Among the resources included in the library are Strong’s Concordance, the Conflict of the Ages series by Ellen White, and more than two dozen books published by Amazing Facts on a variety of Bible topics.

“After the third lesson, users get a starter version of the very popular QuickVerse Bible search software. That in itself is worth about $100,” adds Batchelor.

Each written lesson also has an audio presentation by Batchelor that comes from the NET ’99 series, which now airs as the ministry’s television program Amazing Facts on a number of networks including 3ABN, ABC Family Channel, BET and the Inspiration Network.

To obtain your own copy of the Panorama of Prophecy CD-ROM, call Amazing Facts at (800) 538-7275.