Reconnecting Ministries Event for the North Pacific Union To Take Place October 11, 2003

A conference on Reconnecting Ministries will take place Oct. 11 in the North Pacific Union. The one-day event will combine inspiring stories and training sessions for those who are interested in reaching out to members who are inactive. In major studies done by Adventist researchers, 72 percent of active church members say that they have a relative or friend who used to attend the Adventist Church.

“This will be a day to meet with other Adventists who share a passion for reconnecting with members who are taking a break from church,” states Paul Richardson, North American Division (NAD) Reconnecting Ministries coordinator. “There is a growing network of people who are working to make their churches safe places for hurting people.”

Open to participants across the North Pacific Union, the Oct. 11 meeting will take place at the Kent (Wash.) Church near Seattle. For more details about registering for the conference, contact Pastor Greg Schaller at (253) 852-3883; The church office address is, and their Web site is

Additional information about Reconnecting Ministries in North America can be found on the Web site of the Center for Creative Ministry, a resource center for the NAD. In addition, the center conducts research for various organizations and provides information, consultants and trainers for local churches. Check the center’s Web site at or call (800) 272-4664.

September 01, 2003 / North Pacific Union