Sound, Camera, Lighting, TV Production

December 22, 2014

“I never thought people would thank me personally for running a camera,” says Ryan Ligman, freshman biochemistry major, “but it’s great when you get feedback from people saying how much they appreciate the work you do.”

As a camera operator for the University Church, Ligman records video for live streaming and television production. He says his experience at the church has helped him develop an understanding of how a church can expand globally. “I enjoy the opportunity to share God not only with those around me, but with our live-stream audience around the world,” he says.

An average of more than 500 viewers across the country and around the world watch the University Church service streamed live each Sabbath. Ligman is part of a larger team that works behind the scenes to make it all happen. The team includes students who work on television production and who manage sound and lighting.

As lighting assistant, Cory Sutton, senior graphic design major, aims and adjusts lights to create the best mixture of lighting and spotlighting. “I’ve gained a lot of insight into what goes on in the background to ensure that something as seemingly simple as a church service goes off without a hitch,” says Sutton. “I’ve learned to think quickly and adjust when unexpected things arise. It’s nice to be more than just a passive observer of the service and actually help make sure everything happens.”