Pacific Press Milestones

1874 Pacific Press, started in Oakland, California by James White, begins publishing Signs of the Times.

1884 First Ellen G. White book printed.

1889 First printing of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.

1890 First printing of Our Little Friend.

1904 Pacific Press moves to Mountain View, California.

1906 Severe earthquake and fire damage to buildings.

1910 First issue of El Centinela printed. First book in Spanish (The Great Controversy) printed.

1915 International department for printing non-English materials is officially organized.

1955 Chapel Music becomes a part of Pacific Press.

1957 First printing of Primary Treasure.

1984 Headquarters moves to Nampa, Idaho.

1998 website is launched.

2001 Special printing of 9/11 sharing booklet, Where Was God? 3.5 million distributed.

2004 Purchase of new sheet-fed press costing $1.9 million.

December 01, 2004 / Feature