Missionaries to a Strange Land

As the assistant administrator of Religious Services responsible for the Oregon Department of Corrections' volunteer program, I very much appreciate the involvement of the Seventh-day Adventists in providing spiritual care to the incarcerated. In Oregon, the Adventists minister in all 14 of our prisons, faithfully, week after week. The nature of corrections, with all our rules and policies, can be a challenge. I have been impressed over the years with the way our Adventist volunteers navigate the system with grace and patience. The greatest challenge today for those involved in prison ministry is after care, providing for the spiritual and physical needs of those transitioning from prison back to the community. Having the right friends and being included in the Adventist community of believers can be that tipping point that will make the difference between success in the community or returning to prison. That's the challenge, and I know that the Adventist churches in Oregon will strive to meet it.

December 01, 2009 / Feature