Making Waves

Quarantined! What a way to spend the first cruise day, in bed with the flu! The Health Police on-board couldn't have me cavorting around making others sick. But God is good; He planned ahead. Originally, my roommate and I had a low-level room, boring, but in our budget. But because of last-minute changes, they moved us to a window and balcony room. I had a view of Glacier Bay from bed and could praise God in spite of sickness.

After I returned to normal activities, our group went ashore to Sitka. As I exited the boat, God prepared another blessing. I met Thomas who was handing out free Mink corsages to those visiting his store. I shared with Thomas what our group was doing in Alaska. We talked about God and Bible study. I encouraged him to spend more time in his Bible. He thanked me, and we had a great time trying coats on in his store. The free corsage was the size of a quarter, but I pray for Thomas every time I look at it.

November 01, 2008 / Feature