Hybrids in an Uprooted World

June 01, 2009

Patty's Healing Center

Patty's Healing Center provides safety, support, Christian counseling, holistic healing and hope for women and their children who suffer from domestic violence and sexual abuse. It is a beautiful four-bedroom home utilized by the Women's Healing Empowerment Network and the Upper Columbia Conference women's ministries department to empower victims. The home is made possible through the generosity of a Baptist pastor and his wife partnering with this ministry. Patty's accepts clients this June. For more information, contact Mable Dunbar at mabled@uccsda.org.

Contrasts in Seattle

Top of the Space Needle: Dinner features signature dishes atop SkyCity with caramelized onions and blue cheese tart appetizers served alongside herbal green salads. Try a side of Braeburn apples with Oregon Rogue Creamery blue cheeses. Follow this with an herb-marinated entrée.

Bottom of the Space Needle: Homeless people are fortunate to have a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich wrapped in a brown bag.

Lunch is served to hundreds of the approximately 6,000 homeless. Additions to lunch include underwear or socks. Carolyn Brown, of the Maranatha Adventist Church Community Services in Seattle, Washington, coordinates monthly outreach relief efforts to Seattle's homeless. For more information or to help, call (206) 722-5478 or 722-2743.

The Knitwits

Meet the Knitwits, an Alaskan Adventist women's group which meets once a week to knit bags out of wool that are then washed in very hot water so they shrink. In bright trendy colors the popular bags are easy to make. Club members fill the completed bags with things teen girls like and distribute them to the "forgotten ones"—teens in foster care. To become a knitwit, contact Elke Coon at omalleysda@alaska.net.

Corleen Johnson

The GLEANER honors Corleen Johnson for outstanding contributions to Women's Ministries in North America. Corleen retired this year after 14 years of dedicated leadership to women everywhere. While serving as Oregon Conference women's ministries director, Corleen worked tirelessly providing quality programming, leading in evangelism, coordinating outreach and by offering training for women. Corleen will be missed.