From Healing to Health

October 25, 2016

At the heart of every organization is a vision. For Adventist Health, this vision is our belief that pairing medical science and faith to inspire wholeness and health offers the greatest hope for renewing people, families and communities. Work began in 2015 to update our mission statement to reflect our purpose. Our goal is to empower our communities to be healthier.

To strengthen our ability to deliver optimal health, Adventist Health deployed a robust and aggressive strategic plan in 2013. Guided by our mission, this plan positions our organization as one of the most significant health systems on the West Coast. Our growing system already has achieved several important metrics you can read about in our annual report (available online at

We are working diligently and in innovative ways to transform how we care for our communities. Our proactive approach to whole-person health is reflected not just in our wellness programs, but across the entire care continuum. For Adventist Health this includes physician alignment, patient experience and workforce wellness.

Expanding our scope and services is also a major component of our strategic initiatives. We are actively seeking opportunities to create new working relationships with hospitals, other providers, payers — and even some competitors — that align with our goals and extend our mission.

Throughout our health system, our engaged workforce is leading the way to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. The people of Adventist Health are living God’s love every day.