The First Steps

Create a Prayerful Life and Legacy Plan

What do you want the legacy of your life and death to include? What philosophy do you want your children to learn and live by? How will you not only take care of your family's needs, but empower them to be responsive to the larger needs of their church or community? Seek to live by the principle in Isaiah 58:11.

Model and Mentor Your Family

Learn the principles of Christian financial management, model them in your home and family, and train your children so they can carry these same principles forward even after you die. See Proverbs 22:6.

Create an Estate Plan

Every asset you have, whether small or great, is given to you to glorify God. In the event of your death, make sure you do not leave the management of those assets to chance or in the hands of someone who will not honor God. With the guidance of a certified counselor, create a financial arrangement that ensures your life and legacy plan will continue to achieve your desired results. See Philippians 1:20.


If you have one or more of the following questions, you may benefit from the advice of your local conference planned giving and trust services director or one of the resources listed below.

How can I care for the financial needs of my spouse or children if I die?

How can I provide inheritances for my heirs with the lowest possible tax burden?

How can I eliminate probate costs and distribution delays?

How can I establish a lifetime stream of income from property I currently own?

How can I further my life mission through a charitable legacy?

Helpful Resources

Web site: — Browse for information or request a free consultation from local Adventist professionals.

Faith and Finance — A 12-lesson study guide on money management available through your local ABC.

NPUC Planned Giving and Trust Services, Gary Dodge, director,, 360-857-7022.

Crown Financial Ministries online,

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University,

June 01, 2010 / Feature