August 30, 2016

Fast Facts

This past school year (2015–2016) there were 515 certificated, full-time K–12 educators in 108 Adventist K–12 schools in the North Pacific Union Conference.

Enrollment in the 2015–16 school year was at 6,200 K–12 students across all NPUC schools. This was the first year with an increase (1.6 percent) in enrollment in the past five years.

In the last five years, funding programs unique to NPUC education have provided about $2.4 million for "remote and necessary" small schools and $2.1 million in direct subsidy to boarding academies.


Because Seventh-day Adventist education is a ministry integral to fulfilling the unique mission of the Adventist Church, the Office of Education is dedicated to implementing the mission of the church in the educational program.


The Office of Education collaborates with the North American Division (NAD) in developing faith-based curriculum, educational standards for teaching and learning, and effective operational policies and in implementing accountability programs — school evaluations and teacher certification. We serve the local conference as consultant on educational policy and best practices. We develop and coordinate funding of special programs to ensure quality Christian education in Adventist schools in the Northwest.

What Has Been Accomplished?

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE — Welcomed a new coordinator with education, experience and expertise and extended the available time allocated to assist local conferences in providing information and oversight and improving personnel effectiveness for early childhood programs.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT — Supported (with $740,000) the development of educators’ professional capacity at the 2012 NAD Teachers Convention, various national/local conferences and workshops, and NPUC councils and retreats. Counseled educators seeking certification and professional learning goals.

PROGRAM FUNDING — Provided nearly $14 million in overall financial aid to Northwest schools through regular subsidies; for special programs that provide instructional resources; professional training; and student and teacher scholarships and awards.

QUALITY ASSURANCE — Administered policies and programs for school evaluation, teacher certification and professional development. Collaborated in creating new NAD principal and superintendent handbooks. Piloted a new digital, online school accreditation program.

The Challenges Ahead

ENROLLMENT — Encourage and support local initiatives to: a) market the Adventist school, b) create funding partnerships, and c) recruit and retain students from a church and communities impacted by ongoing demographic, socioeconomic and philosophical shifts.

MISSION — Create opportunities for sharing the mission, core values and faith-aligned purpose of Adventist education as an integral ministry of reaching God’s children and families.