July 01, 2011 | Polly Johnson

Twenty-five years ago the Mt. Tabor (Oregon) Adventist Church was searching for an outreach program. They polled the community and found an overwhelming need for quality child care.

Taking the request seriously, they made necessary changes to their building for state certification. Many volunteer hours later, the church received a license to provide care for 58 children ages 2 ½–6 years old. On September 5, 1989, Discoveryland opened its doors with Lina Fernandez, preschool teacher, and Polly Johnson, director. Now 22 years later, they are still there and believe Discoveryland is their mission field.

In 2005, the neighborhood expressed a need for infant and toddler care. Once again, they listened and added an infant and toddler component. Annette Clark oversees the program, ensuring each family receives love and care.

Their philosophy is simple: Children learn through play. Teachers prepare theme-based weekly lesson plans which include interactive play with learning. These activities provide opportunities to explore and grow spiritually, physically, socially and academically.

Children learn Jesus loves them. Staff witness little miracles, renewing their faith. The director begins each day with a request for God's presence and protection, and ends each day praising and thanking Him for His goodness.