Department Report

Fast Facts

Monte Church travels more than 120,000 miles every year to visit far-flung Native groups throughout the NPUC.

There are 31 Native churches or companies in the NPUC, with nearly 2,000 members.

We conduct six Native camp meetings each year across the NPUC.


The NPUC has a unique approach to Native ministry. The challenges of reaching Native groups in the vast reaches of the Northwest are enormous. Isolation can create difficulties for maintaining active church groups and Native workers. Yet, Native members make up some of the staunchest parts of the Northwest Adventist mission.


To become a partner with Northwest Native groups in seeking to better their lives, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Native American Evangelistic Team

Brian and Denise Bechthold, who annually conduct at least four series of meetings across the Northwest and Canada.

What's Been Accomplished

Leadership Training — Encouraged and trained Native workers in fulfilling their mission to native populations.

Native New Day Videos — Produced 25 of the planned 26 video lessons. It is likely every Native person baptized in the last four years has been touched in some way by these videos.

Bible Workers — Helped to provide Bible workers specifically for the Native populations within local conferences.

Camp Meetings — Provided additional coordination and programming for Native camp meetings, a tremendous boost in reaching Native people in remote areas.

The Challenges Ahead

Native New Day Videos — We must raise funds to produce another 13 videos on topics related to Native Christian lifestyle issues.

Native New Day Videos — We will seek to encourage continued production of this series as an adjunct to the Native New Day series.

NAD Coordination — We will be working to increase coordination of the Native work across the North American Division.

September 01, 2011 / Feature