Cheryel Whitsell

Springfield Church communications leader

Springfield Members Experience Seder Meal

The weekend that Christians traditionally celebrate the risen Savior is a fitting time to take a closer look at the Jewish Passover and what it means to a Christian.


Christmas in Springfield

The Springfield (Ore.) Church celebrated God's love in special ways during the Christmas season.


Pathfinder Sabbath Event in Springfield Oregon

As hosts to Oregon Pathfinder clubs participating in the Bible Achievement Event, the Springfield (Ore.) Church provided a home for the Pathfinder Sabbath program and eve


Springfield Church begins New Year with Prayer and Baptisms

Soft music and candlelight provided a meditative background for the Springfield (Ore.) Church Jan. 14–15.


Changed Lives in Springfield

The first time Willie Kumle came to church he said, "The Bible says the seventh day is God's Sabbath.


A Season of Harvest at Springfield

The first time Willie White came to church he was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts even though it was a cold January morning.


Experiment In Better Living in Springfield

Your Experiment in Better Living, a month-long community service project/seminar began Jan. 25 with nearly 80–90 people attending.


Baptism Highlights Springfield Christmas Program

The baptism of a smiling, Linda Pelkey was the peak of a high Sabbath in Springfield, Ore., Dec. 19, 2009.


A Year of Missions

The Springfield Church does not lack missionary spirit. In October 2004, two groups left for Maranatha mission trips in India.