NW Roundtable


A recent action by the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) executive committee invites Northwest members to enter a discussion on gender-inclusiveness in gospel ministry. This action is in partial response to a report by the NPUC Ad Hoc Committee on Women in Leadership at the November 14 meeting of the executive committee. The Ad Hoc Committee, which met during 2012, was tasked with bringing a recommendation based on its own study of the topic.

Ad hoc committee members were John Altman, Jan Bishop, Emily Flottman, Tanya Huether, John McVay, Aaron Payne, Al Reimche, Silvia Schmidt, Jennifer Scott, Sue Smith, Max Torkelsen, Andre Wang, Ann Westermeyer and James Wibberding.

A world church committee is currently examining the theological basis of ordination in order to present a report in 2014. NPUC leaders hope a Northwest regional discussion involving biblical counsel and the good advice of trusted believers will be an added encouragement to the world church’s ultimate decisions. Along with the NPUC-produced documents below, the General Conference committee website allows you to research past world church actions and stay abreast of the current process. The North American Division’s Biblical Research Committee has published a website with information about their research process.

A group of NPUC Supporting Pastors has launched a website which highlights concerns with issues of women’s ordination and church unity.

We invite you to join the conversation and add your comments to any of the articles below or contact us directly.