Tamara Michalenko Terry

Upper Columbia Conference children's and women's ministries, Adventist Community Services and Disaster Response assistant director

Women Find Joy at UCC Retreat

The annual fall Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) Christian Women’s and Young Women’s Retreat provides a wonderful opportunity for women of all faiths to gather together with similar goals of fellows


Luncheon Honors ACS Volunteers

More than 20 individuals were honored at the Upper Columbia Conference Adventist Community Services (UCC ACS) Appreciation Luncheon.


UCC Women's Retreat Provides Rest

Almost 200 women and young women were rejuvenated at the Upper Columbia Conference Women’s Retreat held in October at Camp MiVoden at Hayden Lake, Idaho.


His Travelers Enjoy Summer to Remember

Praising God for head lice is not something one would expect, but Andrea Anderson, Upper Columbia Conference His Travelers team leader, did just that this summer while serving with her team, Kisa M