SAGE Adventists Organize Across the West

October 01, 2002

The American sage,” they whispered. “Honest Abe.”

Strong of body, agile of mind, the melancholic father of the “Grand Old Party” seemed wise beyond his years.

Quick to capitalize on what he could not disguise, he purposely identified his name and party with “conservative values” of the founding fathers. With his eye on the Oval Office, he often jokingly-and at times bitingly-chastened fractious “Young America” for acting like children.


October 01, 2002

Pastoral Miscount

We enjoyed the article “The Countdown Is On!” in the September GLEANER. It is inspiring to find out what is happening around the North Pacific Union Conference. The Holy Spirit is being poured out as never before, and I believe we are witnessing a lay people revival as never before.

We at Estacada are having a tremendous response as we go door to door. We can hardly wait for the meetings to start to see the blessings that God has in store.

Everything We Really Need to Know

September 01, 2002

I never made it to Kindergarten. So, on sweaty-palm-Tuesday, I yanked on my itchy new clothes and entered school—cold turkey.

I played a lot of catch-up that first year and learned a lot about the Christian life. But where I really got my baptism in what the Christian life is all about came the next year when we went to South America as missionaries.

Jesús and Dr. Seuss

Did You Know

September 01, 2002


• The Earth is 1,597,340 miles from where it was yesterday

• Air is not weightless

• This year, Americans will spend more than $500 million on products to control body odor

• Your brain stopped growing at age 4

• Mahatma Gandhi never won a Nobel Peace Prize

Source: various sources

Expanding Vocabulary

Universal Programming

September 01, 2002

In the beginning there was the computer. And God said:

c:\>Let there be light!

Enter user ID.


Enter password.


Password incorrect. Try again.


And God logged on at 12:01:00 AM, Sunday, March 1.

c:\>Let there be light!

Unrecognizable command. Try again.

c:\>Create light

Children and Seminars Enrich Palmer Outreach

September 01, 2002

Members of the Palmer, Alaska, Church have been enjoying special outreach benefits this year from their children’s and health ministries.

Cradle Roll

A “family friendly” atmosphere in the Palmer cradle roll Sabbath school has encouraged mothers and fathers to participate and has enabled them to build friendships and support systems.

GSAA Welcomes Marketing Director, English/Spanish Teacher

September 01, 2002 / Linda Klinger

As classes open at Gem State Adventist Academy (GSAA), students and staff are getting to know new staff members Debra McCarver, director of marketing and recruitment, and Sophie Berecz, English/Spanish instructor.

Debra McCarver

“Vivacious” and “engaging” describe McCarver, who received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Walla Walla College and will complete her master’s degree next March.

The Angels Rejoiced!

September 01, 2002 / Dianne Emslie

Angels rejoiced late this spring as Pastor Martin Emslie baptized seven candidates in the Pocatello Adventist Church, in Idaho.

Five of the seven trace their decisions for baptism to the ministry of Dianne Emslie, who since January has served as a Bible worker in eastern Idaho.

“Luke 15:10 tells us that ‘there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents,” says Dianne Emslie.