Kamiah Station Hosts Summer Gospel Singalong

September 25, 2018 / Cathy Law

Kamiah (Idaho) Church's KMEI-LP radio station, which broadcasts at 97.3 FM, sponsored the Summer Gospel Singalong at the Kamiah Riverside Park pavilion on July 21, 2018. The featured musical artists, the Clearwater Pipes and Drums, began the event with four specials, including "Amazing Grace."

Moscow Young People Do Church

September 24, 2018 / Karri Walde

The Moscow (Idaho) Church loves to promote and encourge our young people to not just attend church but "do church."

We have a Sabbath in which young people handle the entire church service, including song service, Scripture reading and visual demonstrations including a skit about trust and faith. For another visual, a paper chain represented all the prayers from the cradle roll and kindergarten classes. These visual reminders of God's love, grace and mercy in action are so powerful.

Small Church Shares With a Big Heart

September 23, 2018 / Maxine Solomon

LifeSource Community Church, part of the Upper Columbia Conference, is a small church located on Government Way in Hayden, Idaho. This church family has a huge heart for reaching people for Jesus. One very significant way in which they reach the unchurched is by serving breakfasts and sharing Bible texts with the homeless.

Kettle Falls Holds VBS

September 21, 2018 / Marilyn Morgan

Vacation Bible School, held from June 25–29 at the Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church, had 28–36 children attending. With adult/teen/parent helpers, attendance reached a total of 56.

Says Joyce Marsh, who organized the program, “It was a good week with great church support and all working together with a kind spirit.” Beginning at 9 a.m., the classes lasted until noon, when children were handed a fruit treat as they left.

UCA Shares Christ in the Three Angels' Messages

September 19, 2018 / Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, principal of Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash., began presession meetings this August by sharing with the staff how over the summer he spent time studying the Three Angels’ Messages and was convicted we need to have a refocus on the special message that God has given the Adventist Church.

UCC Names New Associate Superintendent

September 19, 2018 / Kathy Marson

At the July 2018 meeting of the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) executive committee, Archie Harris was voted to be the new associate education superintendent. Harris fills the vacancy left by Rochelle Stanton, who moved to Arizona with her husband, John Stanton.

Harris grew up in a family of educators. His mom and dad taught in elementary schools in the Montana Conference, and his mom’s parents were public school teachers in eastern Montana.

UCC Creates New Multicultural Ministries Department

September 17, 2018 / Kathy Marson

The Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) executive committee invited Walter Pintos-Schmidt in July 2018 to lead a new department — multicultural ministries. This new department will encompass Hispanic, Slavic, Native American and multiethnic ministries in UCC. Pintos-Schmidt says, “Its overarching goal is to plant the kingdom of God in the heart of people in their communities.”

Hayden Lake Shares Jesus' Love in Cuba

September 14, 2018 / Loren Starr

The Hayden Lake (Idaho) Church sent out a team of 14 missionaries to the island country of Cuba last April. After much discussion and planning, many hurdles and, above all, God's help, the group arrived in Cuba and got their equipment through customs with nothing confiscated or taxed — an almost unheard of feat.

Once in country, the group divided into three teams, each going to a different location to work with local teams to hold meetings. At each site they would present a nightly meeting for adults and one for children.