Billings School Hosts 'FUN-raiser'

January 28, 2019 / Renae Young / Education, Youth, Outreach

The word “fundraiser” often conjures up a variety of reactions. However, whatever the reaction, there is one fact that cannot be denied. For many of our Seventh-day Adventist schools, especially small ones, fundraisers are an essential component in helping to keep the schools running or providing scholarship assistance to students in need.

A popular fundraiser in many areas is a dessert auction. Homemade delicacies are sold for exorbitant prices to excited bidders wanting to support their school and enjoy a baked treat.

Roundup Church GLOWs in the Community

The Roundup (Mont.) Church has recently taken on a GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) challenge. Each week the members are given a challenge involving the popular GLOW tracts, led by church member Kay Dickerson. The members then report on their progress the next Sabbath at church.

One challenge was to place GLOW tracts in unusual locations. Some were placed in books and jigsaw puzzles at a senior center. Some went into a case of beer in a store, doctors' offices, restrooms, gas stations and even a milk crate at a school lunch room. 

Radio Ministry Spreads Three Angels in Roundup

January 16, 2019 / Norma Trent / radio, 3ABN, Church

The radio ministry in Roundup, Mont., continues to reach the community and outlying areas with Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) programs and a weekly, locally produced show. 

A small group of members from the Roundup Church anchor the Monday afternoon program, Let's Talk About That, which they broadcast from the church basement. This program was developed by Andrew Raduly, pastor, and Kay Dickerson. It was decided to continue this outreach after Raduly accepted a call to Virginia. 

Trout Creek Church Sponsors Annual Harvest Party

January 12, 2019 / Martha Petty / Church, Trout Creek

The Trout Creek (Mont.) Church annual harvest party was held Sunday afternoon, Oct. 21, 2018, at Ray Langford’s ranch. The community was invited to give church members an opportunity to get to know their neighbors and learn how we can meet their needs. More than 100 attended from the surrounding area, some from as far away as 80 miles.

Billings Gets 'Shot in the Arm'

December 03, 2018 / Renae Young

Visitors and members of the Adventist church in Billings, Mont., received a proverbial evangelistic "shot in the arm" from Jim Howard, on Sabbath, Oct. 6, 2018. A convocation entitled “Grow Montana” took place with the goal of preparing lay people to do discipleship activities in their community. Howard is the General Conference Sabbath School and personal ministries associate director.

MEA Comes Alive Through Visitors’ Eyes

Recently my wife and I decided to visit some of the historic and scenic sites in the states of Montana and Wyoming. As we traveled Interstate 90 and neared Bozeman, Mont., we saw to the right the Montana Conference office in which our daughter, Renae Young, gave us a tour. Just a short distance down the road from the conference office we passed the Mount Ellis Elementary School and then saw for the first time Mount Ellis Academy — Montana’s Adventist boarding high school.

Mount Ellis Academy Staff, Students Explore God’s Creation

September 24, 2018 / Doug Schmidt

Few schools can claim the outdoors as their classroom. However, that is exactly what Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) does. Every year, MEA students spend the first week of classes outside at either outdoor school or senior survival. Montana offers a rich outdoor experience and countless ways to connect with God through nature, and MEA takes full advantage of its location in Bozeman.

Roundup Church RIDEs into the 4th of July

August 27, 2018 / Norma Trent

Finally, after the hail, the rain and the floods, there was a reason to celebrate in Roundup, Mont.

Every year the city celebrates the 4th of July with a big party called RIDE: or the Roundup Independence Day Extravaganza. This four-day event has kids' activities, concerts, rodeos (when there aren't floods), fireworks and parades. This was the 14th year of the RIDE celebration.