Sweet Home Stays Connected

June 13, 2020 | Church | Tawny Sportsman

On Friday, May 8, 2020, six members of the Sweet Home Church arrived at the church fellowship hall where there was a variety of blooming potted flowers, books, cookies and church directories. The flowers were for Mother’s Day. With each plant was a book called God’s Love Song by Ginny Allen and a new church directory. Those who weren’t mothers got a bag of homemade cookies with their church directory. There was something for everyone!

The flowers and gifts were divided among four vehicles so members could make deliveries to everyone in our directory. Once the surprise cargo was placed on the porch of the benefactor, the delivery person knocked on the door and stepped back to the appropriately distant position.

To be able to see our church family wave and have a short visit was a real treat. Finding some of the country locations was quite an adventure as well. The memories we made that day were sweet all the way around. 

After not seeing one another for a period of time, we all appreciated a little visit so much more than we had in the past. Everyone seemed delighted with the unscheduled visit and the little gifts we left with them.

In March, Sweet Home's women’s ministries also purchased and gifted members with their choice of two devotionals (Pearl of Great Price by Joni Earekson Tada and In Heavenly Places by Ellen White). Either one or both were made available to everyone who wanted one.

It’s been a delightful way to stay spiritually connected with one another. Our pastor, Dan Bates, encouraged us from the beginning of the stay-at-home mandate to stay connected by contacting each other by phone on a regular basis. As we call to check in with each other, it’s been a pleasure to be able to talk over the devotional for that day.

We are so pleased God is a present inspiration to us. We thank Him for impressing us with ways to stay connected in ways that count during this challenging time.

We are also staying connected via Call to Pray conference calls and participated on April 10 and May 15 with the Lebanon Church. Members and friends came together to pray about specific things and then have an afterglow time for anyone who would like to stay longer and pray over personal requests.