Kids Enjoy 'More Precious Than Gold' Montana Pathfinder Fair 2019

August 15, 2019 | Youth | Renae Young

The Montana Conference held its annual Pathfinder Fair during the rainy/snowy weekend of May 17–19, 2019, in Butte, Mont. Pathfinders from around the conference gathered and camped at the Vigilante Rodeo grounds for fun and fellowship.

Bill Whitney, Hamilton Church pastor, was the featured speaker for the weekend. The theme for the weekend was “More Precious Than Gold.” He assigned a challenging straw-building contest on Friday night, complementing his presentation.

Pathfinders in full dress uniform made their way to Sabbath worship to enjoy additional spiritual insight from Whitney. The Pathfinders were also given opportunity to work on a problem-solving Pathfinder honor for church, demonstrating their knowledge through skits.

Ringing Rocks was the hiking destination on Sabbath afternoon. True to form, the Pathfinders and their leaders made their way through muddy and slippery roads to arrive at the destination. With hammers in hand, everyone climbed over and around the rock pile to strike various boulders and hear different metallic tones.

Sabbath evening provided a time for table games and an opportunity to work on the Duct Tape honor.

Though snow and rain were a constant companion at the event, everyone had a great time meeting with the other Pathfinder clubs.