Milo Class Holds Health Fair

February 01, 2019 | Education | Chad Lambie

Milo Adventist Academy's sophomore health class provided a Public Health Day in Canyonville, Ore., at Pioneer Park on Oct. 11, 2018. Milo had 25 students and four staff members help out and run a fully functioning public health fair.

The students all prepared health education topics like abstinence, mental health, anxiety, depression, effects of sleep and exercise, effects of tobacco, and the reduction of stress when adding humor in your life. The students researched and cited all of their information and then presented it to a wide variety of people with ages ranging from 15–78.

In total the students presented health information to 62 people. Many of the people were impressed with all of the things Milo had to offer and really just wanted to know more about the Days Creek, Ore., academy. 

The students also organized a jump-a-thon during the fair as well as a free giveaway of honey to people who wanted to know more about Milo. The academy's chef also came and cooked a great Asian-influenced vegetarian lunch.

The students had the opportunity to teach heath and wellness to many other people outside their immediate circle. The students further strengthened their understanding of the multiple themes they studied and presented. All the students seemed to have a great experience reaching out and touching a neighboring community with health and wellness education.