Radio Ministry Spreads Three Angels in Roundup

January 16, 2019 | radio | Norma Trent

The radio ministry in Roundup, Mont., continues to reach the community and outlying areas with Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) programs and a weekly, locally produced show. 

A small group of members from the Roundup Church anchor the Monday afternoon program, Let's Talk About That, which they broadcast from the church basement. This program was developed by Andrew Raduly, pastor, and Kay Dickerson. It was decided to continue this outreach after Raduly accepted a call to Virginia. 

Dickerson plus Jane Ostby, Nora Dimmick and Norma Trent are the main speakers for the program. Currently the emphasis is a Voice of Prophecy Bible study. Norm Ostby and Roy Dickerson give local technical support. 

The show is also broadcast live on the radio's Facebook page. This helps the message reach members and listeners outside the range of the low-power FM station.  

KQLJ, broadcasting at 105.5 FM in Roundup, is another way for God to spread His Word.