All Nations Center Welcomes New Pastor, New Members

January 31, 2019 | native american | Suellen Lines

All Nations Center (ANC) in Wapato, Wash., was blessed to welcome our new district pastor, Sean Day, in September 2018. Day and his family moved from Florida and have been excited to be back in the Pacific Northwest, where they grew up.

Since arriving, Day and the All Nations Center has been blessed to welcome new members to God’s flock. The church celebrated six baptisms and two professions of faith in 2018.

Robert Hall was welcomed to the family of God on Nov. 10, 2018. He was invited to attend church in 2017 by his neighbor. Hall has attended faithfully. He studied with Larry Soule for many months, before Soule passed away in September. Hall has been a blessing to our church, helping in many ways, some without recognition.

The Ramirez family was welcomed to God’s flock just before Christmas. They had been studying with Blanca Ortiz for many months before attending ANC. The children have attended ANC’s Day Camp in the summers. They attend services most weekends and help behind the scenes.

Ortiz also had the pleasure of watching her daughter, Zariel Zamudio, be baptized. ANC members have enjoyed watching Zamudio grow from a little girl in to a young woman. Just like her mother and brothers, she has a heart full of God’s love.