Southeast Alaska Camp Meeting Attendees Are 'Called to Missions'

November 01, 2018 | Brooke Reynolds

Planning for the Alaska Southeast Camp Meeting on Vank Island started early this year. A planning committee gathered that included several young adults. From their suggestions was born the theme for this year’s campmeeting, "Called to Missions," as well as a new format to try.

Attending camp meeting is a commitment because attendees must travel by boat to the island from Wrangell, Petersburg or one of the Prince of Wales communities, such as Coffman Cove or Whale Pass.

Those who traveled to Vank Island to attend camp meeting Aug. 3–5, 2018, immediately saw a different set up in the gym. Along with the usual rows of chairs facing the front for speaker presentations, tables were set up in the back with chairs around them. Alaska's southeast pastors Nathan Stearman with the Juneau and Sitka churches, Charlie Meigs who pastors the Wrangell Church, Adrian Neascu, pastor of the Craig and Ketchikan churches, and Noel Wilton located in Petersburg took turns sharing what it means to follow God’s mission. Each meeting after the pastors had spoken, people were invited to go back to the tables for a small-group activity or discussion. For many this ended up being a highlight of camp meeting as people from southeast Alaska gathered together to discuss what missions really means.

Jim Jensen, Alaska Conference vice president of finance, shared during the Sabbath service and provided an overview of mission work around the conference in the afternoon. Videos were presented by the Ketchikan and Wrangell churches of their ongoing mission projects. As a bonus, there was an opportunity to donate to Marantha’s The $10 Church program throughout the weekend. The group raised $187, which was a huge surprise and blessing.

Overall, the positive feedback continues to come in. God’s presence was certainly felt at Southeast Alaska Camp Meeting. We were reminded we are all called to missions. Click here if you’d like more information or resources.