Pathfinders Discover Talents for Ministry

October 29, 2018 | Katie Fellows

How are you using your individual talents for ministry? More than 400 Pathfinders at the Washington Conference Camporee held at Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson were challenged to explore how they can use their individual talents for ministry. Camporee coincided with the World Pathfinder Day and 68th anniversary of Pathfinders.

“I found Pathfinder camporee to be very impactful because they can find out how to relate to ministry for God,” says Mario Betita, a chaperone with the Mabuhay Warriors of the Greater Seattle Filipino-American Church. “To see the youth intermingle, it impacts how they relate to themselves and each other. For some kids, it’s life-changing.”

During a Sabbath afternoon, youth explored their artistic talents with street artist and main speaker Milton Coronado. They created spray-paint art using plastic wrap around trees and posts. The purpose of this activity was to discover how their own individual talents can be used for ministry.

In addition to art, Coronado concentrates on youth advocacy, traveling to speak to parents, youth leaders and youth on the power of art in communities through service projects.

Other activities at the camporee included team-building challenges, relay games, tight rope and a canoeing-duck relay during which teams had to work together to retrieve their teammate from a rubber duck on the lake.

“God has chosen youth and given them diverse abilities,” says David Salazar, Washington Conference youth director. “Use what you’re good at and turn it into a ministry for God.”