News for 2017

Auburn Committee of 100 Covers Special Projects

November 21, 2017 / Mickey Demma

More than $125,000 was donated to Auburn Adventist Academy’s nonbudgeted projects during a business brunch on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017, thanks to the Committee of 100.

The Committee of 100 began in 1993 to provide funding for special projects for Auburn Adventist Academy. Members pledge a minimum of $500 per year and hold the right to vote on collective fund distribution. This year’s attendance of more than 100 reached an all-time high for the committee's nearly 25 years of existence.

MEA Students Work for Warmth

November 21, 2017 / Michael Lee

Several students and staff from Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) in Bozeman, Mont., recently teamed up with church members from the community to reach out to the local homeless population. Being homeless in Montana is not the easiest. The winter months get bitterly cold, and one can often find homeless men, women and even children standing on a street corner with cardboard signs asking for help.

Kettle Falls Offers Free Lunch

November 20, 2017 / Marilyn Morgan

When Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church members were asked by another local area church if they would be interested in taking over providing free community meals each Thursday, Patty Marsh felt convicted that she should step up to the plate and lead out in this adventure. Soon others agreed to help. It seemed like a lot of work and a huge commitment, but Marsh was determined to accept the challenge of what she knew was a calling from the Lord.

Riverside Hosts Apple Festival

November 20, 2017 / Julie Natiuk

The 27th annual Riverside Christian School Apple Festival was held in Washougal, Wash., on Oct. 8, 2017. Church members and school families volunteered for weeks to prepare for the largest school fundraiser of the year. The volunteers spent two Sundays in October making pies and dumplings. They baked and froze more than 800 dumplings and 300 pies that were available for pick-up before and on the day of the festival. On the day of, they served pies and dumplings hot out of the oven with ice cream. As in the past, all pies and dumplings sold out.

Todo Miembro Involucrado

November 19, 2017

El logo de TMI en la foto arriba significa “Todo Miembro Involucrado;” es un impulso evangelístico de escala mundial que involucra a cada miembro, cada iglesia, cada entidad administrativa, cada tipo de ministerio de alcance público, alcance personal e institucional.

Cascade Eagles Complete Seventh Annual 'Apple Pie Make' Fundraiser

November 19, 2017 / Katie Henderson

Once a year, at 8 a.m., the Cascade Eagles Pathfinders of North Cascade Church in Burlington, Wash., gather together to raise funds by making apple pies.

The apple pie fundraiser started in 2010 as a more efficient way to help raise funds to attend the International Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wis., which happens once every five years.

North Carolina Students Support Arctic Missions

November 18, 2017 / Brenda Campbell Johnson

Recently the Alaska Conference received letter and donation from the Five Oaks Adventist Christian School in Durham, N.C., for the support of Arctic Missionary Volunteer Elouise Hawkes. The church school students, along with other children from the Five Oaks Church, participated in a bike-a-thon fundraiser, a part of which went to supporting Hawkes’ work in Savoonga, Alaska. This small village of about 800 Native Alaskans lies close to the Arctic Circle, at the northeast tip of St. Lawrence Island, just off the coast of Siberia.

Pathfinders Reap Harvest of Souls

November 18, 2017 / Richie Brower

What do kids miss if your church doesn’t have a Pathfinder club? The answer came home to me in a flood recently.

Every year a church (or five) struggles with whether or not they will offer club ministries to the young people in their congregation for the coming season. The reasons for the questions vary from losing key staff members to actually questioning whether they want to support the club model of ministry.