Mobile Dental Clinic Serves Ferndale

July 15, 2017 | Rose Garnick

Ferndale Adventist Church partnered with Mercy Missions of the Northwest to offer a two-day Mobile Dental Clinic in May. The church also used the fellowship hall for a triage and simple medical services area.

Once registered, each patient had their blood pressure checked and had the opportunity to have their blood sugar tested as well. They were then escorted to the triage area and then on to the dental van where dentists Michael Sacro and Emilynda Quinones cared for various dental needs.

“Volunteers came together as a team working to accomplish the common goal of making a difference in the church and community,” says Sacro.

The last stop was the prayer area where patients were given the chance to have prayer and receive literature. “It’s a blessing to pray for the things going on in their lives and know that God will answer the prayer,” says Jesse Sacdalan, Ferndale Church pastor.

A total of 58 guests received free care over the two days the van was at the church. “I felt the compassion of the dental team,” says one patient.

The dental van is maintained by Rick and Delray Luce in association with Mercy Missions and scheduled through Washington Conference health ministries department.