Hockinson Explores the Gorge

July 09, 2017 | Marty Jackson

God was gracious and gave the Adventurers from Hockinson Heights Adventist Church in Brush Prairie, Wash., a dry day for their trip up the Columbia River Gorge. On April 30, Kalvin Morauske led a group of 13 on a trip to discover things that are best explained by the Bible’s flood but are usually overlooked by the average sightseer.

The first stop was just out of Troutdale, Ore., along the Sandy River to see layers in the bank laid down by high-energy water flow. Stops also included Bonneville Fish Hatchery in Cascade Locks, Ore., to see a petrified log and understand that the Bible’s flood is the only logical environment to turn a whole log into stone.

The Adventurers also learned about quartzite rocks and how the flood waters shaped them and transported them from Idaho and western Montana. They were able to collect quartzite rocks from the Underwood gravels. They learned that erosion features demonstrate a young Earth and the complexity of life didn’t happen by chance. The kids were energized by their souvenir rocks, petrified wood and what they had learned.

On May 13, 2017, the kids were given the opportunity to share with the church family what they had learned from the trip. It was amazing to hear how much information they remembered from the experience. The adults and other kids were inspired by the report and are requesting a trip up the Columbia River Gorge in the future. Stan Hudson, North Pacific Union Conference Creation Study Center director, may be excited to know there is upcoming competition for his replacement when he retires.